Brands We Service

Martin, Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Bishline, OME, Deering, Collings, Santa Cruz, Guild, Larrivee, Furch, Epiphone, Bedell, Suhr, Breedlove, Yamaha, and many others. Vintage Restorations for Martin & Gibson guitars.

What We Do


“As low as it can go without Buzzing” is my motto. We can get your guitar dialed in exactly to your playing style. Whether a beginner or a professional, it is imperative that your guitar is adjusted correctly for your needs. Drop tunings and alternate tunings are no problem here either.

Restring and clean, Setup check, General maintenance

Restringing and cleaning your guitar can be an enjoyable activity, but it can also turn into a headache without a proper workspace or the right tools. Let us help make your instruments maintenance a breeze.

Fretwork- Complete Refrets, Partial Refrets, Fret Dressings

Like a good setup, good fretwork is also important for the playability of your instrument. Any unevenness or wear in the surface of the frets can affect your playability and intonation and cause unwanted buzzing or rattling. Frets should be level, properly shaped and polished to a high sheen for maximum playability.We can remove the old frets and replace them with new frets, precisely file out any dips or dings, fret sprout, and polish up your current frets to a silky smooth buttery feel for smoother playability. No matter what condition your frets are in we can make them play their best.

Crack Repair, Brace repair, Headstock Repairs, Open Seams

Look, things happen. Falls, bumps, dents that hurt you more than it hurt the guitar. Wood can crack from lack of humidity and the dryness that we’re always battling here in Arizona. We have the woodworking experience required to make that accident like it (almost) never happened.

Binding Repairs

Loose binding can occur on acoustic guitars either from age, dryness, and even on some newer guitars due to failing adhesives. I formerly worked as a tech at a Martin Factory Authorized Warranty repair shop here in The Valley so I have a great deal of experience with this repair particularly on C.F. Martin & Co. guitars.

Neck Resets

Expert removal of the neck for resetting of the neck pitch of the guitar and restoring the proper geometry needed for good play-ability, volume and tone.

Parts fabrication- Nuts & Saddles, Bridges, missing inlay, Side dot installation

Electronics repair & troubleshooting, Electronics Modifications

Pickup Installations, Hardware Replacement & Upgrades

Finish Repairs, Buff and Detail, Scratch Removal

We love upgrades here at Nikki’s Guitar Shop!

We can help you pick out some really cool new pickups. 50’s wiring, 60’s wiring, phase inversions and kill switches, you name it, and Joe can wire it. Let us know what you’re needing and we can come up with a plan and order the parts for you. Custom wiring available!