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Recent Projects

Epiphone SG

  Epiphone SG Hot rodded this Epiphone SG a couple weeks back- installed Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups with all new (and better)

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1930 Gibson L4 Special

  1930 Gibson L4 Special Here’s a fun/big project I’ve been working on lately. This one was hanging out by the humidifier for a few months,

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The Aria 5102T

  Aria 5102T The Aria 5102T is complete and ready to rock! This was such a fun guitar to work on. I reconstructed/reglued the broken neck

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1967 Gibson ES-335 TDC

1967 Gibson ES-335 TDC This lovely 1967 Gibson ES-335 TDC just visited my shop for a refret and a new

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1971 Martin D-12-20

  1971 Martin D-12-20 Before…and After! This 1971 Martin D-12-20 just had a neck reset, refret, 5 large top cracks repaired, a new

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